Selling a home in hurricane season

Selling a home in hurricane season

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Selling a home in hurricane season in Naples, FL, does not have to be as worrisome as some might think. Either does buying a home. Yes, it’s hurricane season but it’s still a good time to buy and sell homes. Selling a home in hurricane season shouldn’t be intimidating. Although August and October have historically been the busiest months for …

Why Buy a Condo?

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Why Buy a Condo? If you’re contemplating buying a new property, you may be thinking about purchasing a condo. There are many benefits that make the choice of buying a condo a rather easy one. Benefit 1: Amenities One of the biggest perks of owning a condo as opposed to a home is that a condo comes with amenities. For …

Flood Insurance – What You Need to Know

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Flooding is the most catastrophic natural hazard and causes, on average, $3 billion dollars in damage annually. In 1936 The Flood Control Act was the first national program aimed at flood damage. In 1965 Hurricane Betsy caused over $1 billion dollars in damage along the Gulf Coast of Florida to Louisiana and was the first storm of its kind to …


Hurricane Preparedness and Safety Tips

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Moving to the Naples area means lots of sun, pristine beaches, and waterfront properties. It also means facing hurricane season, so it’s important to know about hurricane preparedness.  While intimidating for non-Florida natives, there are a number of precautionary measures you can take when buying a home in Naples that can reduce or prevent damages and ensure you know what to …

Top 3 Kids Activities in Naples, Florida

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Whether Naples is your year-round home or just home for the winter, you know what you enjoy and find interest in, but what happens when you get visitors? More specifically, what happens when the grandkids show up, where will you take them? Here are three ideas to keep those kids busy so they’ll be worn out by the end of the …

The Features Of A Great Community

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The Features Of A Great Community Condos for sale in Naples are a hot commodity, and it’s easy to see why. Residents love living in a luxurious community that prides itself on having the most beautiful homes and exquisite landscapes. In addition to the stunning properties, there are many other reasons why Naples neighborhoods are in such high demand in …